Monthly Archives: February 2009

It’s Here! (Is Faith Delusional?)

We mentioned it here a few weeks ago, but now its almost here.  Ravi Zacharias is addressing the enormous issues in our society this Thursday, Feb. 26th at the Atlanta Civic Center.  If you have questions about this event please check out the RZIM website for more information.

Join us for Wednesday night Bible Study

We have begun a study on the Chronology of the Old Testament.  This exciting study puts our precious Word in perspective within itself and in world events. From Creation to the intertestamental period before the Birth of Christ, we are exploring the life and times of the Patriarchs, the Kings, and the Prophets.  We are […]

Gathering of the Saints

Join us at the Atlanta Primitive Baptist Church for worship and singing for the Gathering of the Saints on February 27-28, 2009.  The meeting will begin on Friday afternoon at 1:00pm with speakers in the afternoon followed by supper at 5:30pm with a worship service at 7:00pm.  Saturday services will begin at 9:00am and services […]