Biblical Reflections: 2 Peter 2:17

2 Peter 2:17 – These are wells without water, clouds that are carried with a tempest; to whom the mist of darkness is reserved for ever.

Do others come to you for help and advice? Or do they pass you by? As disciples of Jesus Christ, we should ever be striving to be like Him.

Being like Jesus will make you different than others. You will not lose patience like them. You will show discernment when they show rashness and lack of understanding. By submitting to the will of God daily, you will demonstrate an unflappable character that others will admire and envy. In a word, you will be wonderful, a well of living water, a tributary of the well of everlasting life, Jesus Christ (John 4:13-14).

Wells are an interesting topic in the Bible. During ancient times wells were hand dug and critical for townsfolk and nomads alike for life. People came to the well often as need arose. Wells were so important that they were named and became critical landmarks and the center of communities. If the well dried up the community was in jeopardy and the landmark often forgotten.

The Apostle Peter uses a dry well to describe the ungodly. Afar off we may think them a source of refreshment and sustenance, but on closer inspection, we see they are vain and deceiving. Instead of giving life, dry wells put our lives in jeopardy, because we may not have the energy needed to make it to another well. Beware of wells without water.

On the contrary, as the saints of God, our faith should feed others as we edify one another. We should be wells full of the living waters of Christ. Pour out a blessing on someone today and show them Christ within you.


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  1. Wonderful analogies you used! Great read to remind us to be flowing with the waters of God’s love.

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