Blessed Are The Pure In Heart – Matthew 5:8

Matthew 5:8 – Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

In the book of Genesis, the account of the first sin is recorded.  First Eve and then Adam ate the forbidden fruit and then hid themselves from God Who regularly manifested Himself in the garden to fellowship with them.  Why did they hide?  This seems like a simple question until we consider the balance of Scripture that reveals that God is omniscient.  He knew they had sinned.  They could not hide from the Creator but that did not keep them from trying.

The fact is that we too try to hide from God when we have sinned.  He has not changed, but our sense of Him is hindered because of the spiritual gap created by sin.  For this reason, Jesus called believers to repentance.  Only through humble repentance do we find God close at hand.  By purifying our hearts, confessing our faults to the Creator and changing our ways, our hearts are restored by a right spirit.  God, Who was never far, comes into view and His kingdom is open to us.

Indeed, the pure in heart are blessed. They can see the work of God without the encumbrance of sins weighing them down.  Jesus’ love and forgiveness are felt.  The reality of the gift of grace, which never changes, is manifested, and the light of God is seen anew. 


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