Where Were You…? – Job 38:4

Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding. – Job 38:4

Have you ever been confronted by someone having no way to answer?  Open mouthed in shocked silence, you just stood there with no ability to reply.  Such was the state of Job when suddenly God spoke to Him out of a whirlwind.  

This rare appearance of God in any fashion is after all of Job’s suffering and deliberations with his wife and companions over the purpose of life, the nature of sin and the reason for suffering.  His wife simply encouraged him to curse God and die.   Job’s so called friends mixed worldly philosophy with accusations in their plea to this Old Testament saint to admit sin as the cause of his suffering.  Only a young man name Elihu (whose name means ‘He is my God’) bothers to consider that God has a greater purpose.  

Ultimately the One who replies to Job is none other than the Highest.  In startling truth, the Lord speaks to Job and challenges his ideology as limited and without knowledge.   Beginning by asking the man where he was when God laid the foundations of the earth, God tears down Job’s defenses (and ours if we admit it) to expose the bedrock of simple faith.  God brought Job back to the central idea that God is not only holy, but He is all-knowing and all powerful.  Therefore, he is worthy of trust and devotion. 

Where are you today?   Are you trusting in the Lord or trying to figure everything out yourself?  God was around before any of us was born, and He made to world.  He can bless us even in adversity more than we can imagine.  Our part is so often to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord (Exodus 14:13).   


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