Go The Extra Mile – Matthew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain. – Matthew 5:41

In a series of teachings concerning our discipleship, Jesus of Nazareth encouraged us to love our enemies.  Probably no commandment has ever proven more difficult.  It is difficult because it goes against our selfish nature.  We naturally tend to want what we want regardless of the needs of others.  

Of course most of us learn that we are better off when others are better off.  When the environment around us generally improves, so does our status.  When their are more jobs, there are more opportunities for everyone.  The Lord understood this principle before any economics textbook was written, and furthermore Jesus understood the economy of the heart.  

Therefore, the Savior said to turn the other cheek to those who wish to harm you, give more than required to those to sue us in court, go the extra mile, and give to those in need.  All of these admonitions are summed up in the command: Love your enemies.  If we reply with anger and hate, are we any better than them?  Are we acting like Christ?  It bears thinking about.  


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