The Wings of God – Ruth 2:12

Ruth 2:12 – The Lord recompense thy work, and a full reward be given thee of the Lord God of Israel, under whose wings thou art come to trust.

It is easy to grow weary in this world.  Our minds and bodies become overwhelmed despite heroic efforts.  It is moments like these that is good to come home to Jesus and His rest and strength.  

One of the most important reasons the Son of God became a man and dwelt among us was to teach us to trust His empathy.  While Jesus’ experiences did not teach God anything new, it certainly revealed to us a Savior acquainted with our griefs and challenges.  For this reason among many, He was called the Son of Man, the epitome of mankind, the realization of God’s design for humanity.  As such He is aware of your personal struggles, and He wants you to trust Him with solutions and sympathy.  

Furthermore, the Lord blesses our efforts for His sake because He is aware of the work required.  It may take years to reach the rewards He has in store, but triumph will be sweeter for the wait.  The biblical accounts of Abraham and David show us the virtue of patience.  Abraham awaited his promised son, Isaac, through whom God promised to bless the world.  David awaited a kingdom while running from the disgraced King Saul who David would not attack out of respect and honor that was not returned.  David trusted in the promise of an everlasting kingdom ruled by a son born to his house, the Messiah.  

Similarly, Ruth trusted in the God of her first husband and her mother-in-law implicitly because of the love she found in this family. The blessing of Boaz to Ruth for her faithfulness to her widowed mother-in-law testified of the virtue of a woman who was surely looked down upon as a foreigner and bad omen.  Yet despite these challenges, Ruth trusted in the course set out before her though it was long and difficult.  Realizing this dedication Boaz blesses her, saying, “The Lord recompense thy work, and a full reward be given thee of the Lord God of Israel, under whose wings thou art come to trust” (Ruth 2:12).

I pray the same for you today.  May the Lord reward you openly for what you do in His name in the quiet toiling moments of your life.  May He bless you with the assurance that better treasures are laid in store for you.  Amen.  

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