Blessed are the Meek – Matthew 5:5

​Matthew 5:5 – Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

Restraint is a difficult skill to master.  When we have power, money, or any kind of resource, we seem to want to use it.  As young man, I could not keep cash in my pocket.  It was readily spent on often foolish expenses.  Too often we settle for candy when a banquet awaits.  

Enjoying the blessings of the Kingdom of God here and now means we must hold our tongues, wallets and strength in reserve for bigger battles.  The biblical word for this concept is meekness.  Meekness means exercising control when we could let loose.  It means speaking kindly when we want to lash out.  It means a helping hand instead of a fist.  

The lesson of the beatitude above is that meekness is rewarded with authority, power and responsibility.  Think about.  Who would entrust their children to someone who might fly off the handle, beat them or worse?  So too with our businesses, churches and  families.  God rewards meekness like the other attributes of godliness with more and better opportunities to several Him.  

I pray that the Lord will bless us all with the meekness of Jesus Christ who died for the very people He created.  Remember to turn the other cheek today. 


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