Better Things – Hebrews 11:40

​Hebrews 11:40 – God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect.

Meditation: In ancient times, the revelation of God and His Word were largely limited to the Israelites and their forefathers.  Few others received the same level of grace shown to Jacob’s children.   As a result, history shows us the greater darkness of these civilizations.  Though considered great by worldly standards, they lived barbaric lives oppressing women and children and crushing other nations in war.  The only peace existed where a strong nation forced it’s imperial power upon others.  Freedom was a foreign idea.

While the world still operates along these same lines, Christians have a hope beyond these limited confines.  Because of the work of Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of God is accessible to everyday people who take up their cross and follow Him.  We have a blessing that the saints of old could only look forward too for future generations.  This supremely “better thing” was promised to those who experience the New Testament under Christ.  We are freed from the confines of the Law of the Old Testament as we place our faith in Jesus following Him.

Just as parents hope and work for a better future for their children that they themselves may never experience, the Old Testament saints never saw Jesus as we can.  Neither did they received the full revelation of the Righteousness, Peace, and Joy found in His kingdom.   There is no crying or fear or death where Christ’s victory is apparent.  Our joy and peace is in effect the fulfillment of the hope of our forefathers.   

Call to Action:  Thank God for giving you the blessing of His kingdom and the faith to trust in Christ and enjoy His Lordship.  Furthermore speak to an older person in your church and thank them for passing on their faith by example and leadership.  Better things are even yet in store for us all.  


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