The Fruits of Righteousness – Philippians 1:11

Being filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are by Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God. – ​Philippians 1:11

Meditation:  I take fish oil pills.  Two per day.  Why?  Because fish oil is supposed to help balance my cholesterol and triglycerides.  In other words, the good fish oil fats, full of Omega 3, is supposed crowd out the bad fats in my body.  When I am full of the good, there is no room for the bad.

This principle applies to just about everything.  Good things should crowd out the bad things.  Prayer and faithful action replace worry.  Love replaces hate.  Knowledge replaces ignorance.  Light replaces dark.  

Light is in fact, the perfect example of this idea.  Darkness has no substance.   There is really no such thing as darkness without a relative absence of light.  Darkness does not exist where there is light. 

So many times we attempt to simply withstand the temptations that lead to sin.  Far better is filling that space with the goodness of God in prayer, praise, worship, study, and godly charity.  We will never succeed in establishing our own righteousness.  Our righteousnesses are filthy rags, repugnant and insufficient.  Rather we must be filled with the righteousness of Jesus Christ by faith.  Filled with Christ instead of self, we glorify Lord as both sufficient and acceptable.

Call to Action:  Put a measure of cooking oil in a cup.  Now pour clean water into the same cup until it overflows.  As you fill the cup with water, observe that the water remains expelling the oil.  Now remember that you are a vessel, a holy vessel, designed to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  When next you are tempted, recall this cup and be filled with the Spirit of Christ.  Oh, and order some fish oil.  Apparently that stuff is good for you.

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