Bring Forth Fruit – Matthew 3:8

Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance: – Matthew 3:8


Meditation:  Repentance is the first step we take in our walk with Christ.   Without repentance, the blessings of faith remain largely closed to us in this life.  For this reason, John the Baptist, Jesus Christ, and the Apostles and early evangelists focused on the theme of repentance for the kingdom of heaven was near.   Over and over again they called for repentance.  Do we still need to repent today?

What is repentance?  In simple terms, repentance is the act of turning away from activities (works) in conflict with God’s will.  God’s will is outlined in the Holy Bible, and clearly demonstrated in the words and deeds of Jesus Christ, the Living Word.  So repentance is turning away from our will toward Christ’s will, and the Lord succinctly describes much of His basic will in Matthew 5 & 6 as well as the rest of the Gospels.  The Apostles preached the same message of repentance from dead works toward the kingdom of god/heaven throughout the New Testament period of church growth.

If we examine the state of humanity today and specifically the Church in the earth, I believe we can only conclude that repentance is still needed.  Furthermore, since repentance is personal, each one of us must repent to reap the personal benefits of the full joy, peace, and righteousness of Christ’s abiding presence.  Since sins create spiritual space between us and the Lord as long as we abide in these imperfect mortal bodies, we must continually turn from our will toward Christ’s revealed will for our lives.

All this may seem obvious to some Christians, but the reality is that many people around us have no idea that their disregard for God, His Word, and His Christ are the root of their problems.  As long as we continue heading down the wrong road, refusing to turn around, we can only expect to get further from our desired destination.

Call to Action:  Jot down some things in your life that need change.  Are these things sins?  Are they simply areas that you have not submitted to the will of God?  Examine those areas once again and ask the Lord for forgiveness, forgiveness for sin and forgiveness for self-will, and ask Him to help you submit to Christ.  It will make all the difference.

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