Led by the Spirit – Romans 8:14

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. – ​Romans 8:14

Meditation:  What do you think of the Holy Spirit?   Are you aware of the Spirit of God, His power and comfort?  I hope so.  Jesus assured the disciples with the promise of the Comforter to come following His departure.   They were upset and understandably skeptical.   How could a spirit, even the Spirit of God, replace the physical presence of the Savior?

Jesus referred to the Holy Spirit as the Comforter because as the direct administrator of God’s grace to our hearts, the interpreter of the Word of God, and the assuring presence of God through the application of the gift of faith, the Holy Spirit comforts the saints and sets them aside for holy work.  Any vessel of the Holy Ghost is holy and sanctified.  Therefore Paul offers us this explanation.  If we are led by the Holy Spirit, then we are indeed sons or children of the Almighty.  

While we may back slide and attempt to abandon our inheritance through sin, those once indwelt by the Spirit of God are His having the token of this holy presence sealing them against the day of their full inheritance in heaven.  What blessed assurance we have who trust in Him!

Call to Action:  Examine yourself and judge your willingness to follow the Spirit of God.  Are you willing to carry this treasure as a vessel according to God’s will?  Do you yearn for holiness and righteousness?   Rest in the embrace of the Comforter knowing the grace of God lifts up believers.  Though we stumble, He is there.  Though we die, He will raise us up.

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