The True Vine – John 15:1

I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman.  – John 15:1 

Meditation:  Have you ever tried to grow grapes without a grapevine?  Of course not!  So why do people often try to do works without Christ?  Good works without acknowledging and serving Jesus Christ is like wax fruit.  It may look pretty and even last a long time, but it will not ultimately feed people what they need.

Jesus tells us in this passage that He is the true Vine.  There may be other vines, but only He is the true one.  It is right then that we work in His name to do good to the Glory if the Almighty Husbandman.  

Abiding in the vine is critical for our lives as citizens of the Kingdom of God.  If we attempt to mix sin in with our works, we will spoil the fruit.  If we seek to acts separately from the vine we die.  In either case, the Lord tells us that We must bear fruit.  This is the purpose of the vine and its branches.  If the branches fail to produce fruit, they are cut off and discarded to invigorate the vine.

Call To Action:  The application if today’s passage is clear.  We must bear fruit to the Glory of the Vine and the Husbandman God as well as the nourishment of those who feed from the grapes.  Sometimes, we may feel like we are being pruned, but if this is so, we must not abandon hope but draw closer to God the Father who grafted us into the Vine.  All good vines are primed for the benefit of the whole.  Praise God for His sovereign grace in this as all things.


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