Perfect Peace – Isaiah 26:3

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. – Isaiah 26:3

Meditation:  In a world full of violence, suffering and sin, how can we be at peace? Really, how?  By remembering like the helmsman of a ship that storms pass and waves break.  The Lord is our shepherd, and He ensures our good no matter what happens.  Therefore, like a runner, we must just keep our eyes fixed on the prize before us and Jesus our companion.  We are never alone.  

Focus is difficult to maintain.  Our thoughts jockey for position and then there are the myriad of external competitors for our attention.  Work and family matters, the aspirations and problems of others as well as their sins aggressively strive with our own to take us away from Godliness.  The information age has only added to the noise and confusion that seeks to ruin our focus on the Lord.  

So many things compete for our time and resources, it can be overwhelming, but there is a simple answer.  Ignore all else, and keep our minds stayed on Him.  Like a man with but a single candle to light his way, we must guard the Light of God within us with all jealousy as a gift of the Creator.  This level of focus on God’s will, gave Jesus Christ the ability to endure the cross.  This type of perspective allowed the Apostles to execute a mission that others said turned the world upside-down.  This is faith in action.

Call To Action:  Find a quiet place where you can pray undisturbed.  Leave behind the noise and distraction of your daily life.  If you have children, ask your spouse to help you, and you can take turns.  Remember that even Jesus often went away from the crowds to pray.

Praise the Lord for the opportunity to pray and ask Him sincerely to remove temptations and supplant them with His presence.  Return to the Lord applying this formula to center yourself upon His will daily.  Keep you mind stayed on Him, and perfect peace will come.


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