​The Prevailing Word of God – Acts 19:20

So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed. – ​Acts 19:20

Meditation: One of the oddest accounts in the Book of Acts concerns not the reaction of people following a failed exorcism in Ephesus (Acts 19:13-20).  Following these events, many people in the city were convicted of their idolatry and burned their books of magic.  Essentially they gave up their idolatry and believed the Word of God that Paul preached in the city.

What makes this instance so interesting is that God used the abject failure of some men to bring about the conversion of many other like minded people.  Those that burned their books are said to have confessed and showed their deeds.  They testified of their sins and their change of heart.

Today in Haiti and other places similar dark practices like voodoo still grip people in a cultural web of ritualistic and occult practices hindering their way to Christ.  When someone is saved from these beliefs, it is remarkable, and their testimony can be just as disturbing as what occurred to the sons of Sceva in Ephesus.  Whether you have fought off a culture that flirts with the occult or you have come through the horrors of drug addiction or any other prison of sin, your story of salvation by the grace of God has a purpose.

Call To Action:  Your testimony of salvation is powerful.  I encourage you to share it.  Someone out there will greatly benefit hearing about your stumbling, faltering journey to Christ.  Your testimony of faith will encourage them to give up their sins and take the steps of faith into the Kingdom of our Lord.  Share, those with ears to hear will bless you.  Only good drives out evil.  The Word of God will prevail.

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