Receive One Another – Romans 15:7

Wherefore receive ye one another, as Christ also received us to the glory of God. – Romans 15:7

Meditation:  One of my very favorite things is spending time with fellow Christians.  Thankfully I am blessed to be able to get along with most everyone, but it is a special pleasure knowing that those around you share your faith.  No matter where I have travelled when I find Christians, I have found a home away from home among them.  
Hospitality is an important attribute of fellowship.  In Romans 12:13, the Apostle Paul said we are to be “given to hospitality,” and Peter instructed us saying, “Use hospitality one to another without grudging” (1 Peter 4:9).  While Hebrews 13:1 sums up the matter by saying, “Let brotherly love continue.”

This notion of hospitality, fellowship and community dominates the Gospel.  As reflections God’s image and vessels of the Holy Spirit, we are to love one another as Christ loved us.  In fact among the most important virtues of ordained pastors is a love of hospitality and a love of good men (Titus 1:8).  As Christ led with compassion and friendship, so are His ministers and servants to do.
Call To Action:  Look around you and seek out fellow Christians at work and home.  Enjoy their company and make them feel as at home in your presence as you would Christ.  This not only is your calling but a major part of the joy promised to you.  If forgiveness is needed first, then forgive.  If service is needed first, then serve.  In all ways seek to minister the grace of God to one another esteeming others better than yourself.  

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