What is it to you? – John 21:22

Jesus saith unto him, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? follow thou me. – John 21:22

Meditation: Do you realize that God knows all about you? Really. He doesn’t simply have a generic understanding of human beings or people like you. He knows about you as an individual unique person. He could even tell you how many hairs you have. So He knows you better than you know yourself.

Not only does the Lord know about you, He knows how your life has gone and where it’s going. Why? Because He is sovereign. He exerts influence and control to guide your destiny. He has plans for you. His will cannot be ultimately refuted or resisted.

When we look at the lives of others, even other Christians, we can be confused why certain things work out for them and not us. Though we may rejoice in our blessings, it can also trouble us when they receive something that eludes us. This is envy. However, sometimes we are puzzled when blessings come our way when someone else has trouble getting ahead.

There are many reasons for such differences, but our job is simply to follow the Lord. Worry less about why someone’s position is so and concern yourself with being a blessing to them. Perhaps the Lord is generous to you so that you may share it with others less endowed. Conversely, maybe you and I need to learn contentment with such things as we have already. In either scenario, we must follow the Lord.

Call to Action: Look around you and take stock of your life. Are you where you are because of obedience or sin? If you are blessed in obedience, praise the Lord and share your blessings. Many need to hear how the Lord is working in your life. If you think sin has created an obstacle for you, pray to God for mercy and the strength to overcome this challenge.

On the other hand, if neither sin or obedience are the reason for your position, ask the Lord to help you understand what you need to do to follow Him. What is your cross? What gifts of yours can bless others?

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