Take Heed – Luke 11:35

Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness. – Luke 11:35

We live in a culture that shades things in gray. Certainly all men sin, but this does not make sin good or evil acceptable. Neither does grace make sin more appropriate or profitable (Romans 6:1-4). Sin destroys.

Jesus therefore teaches us to take heed. As children of God, we have light from our Father like the light of Christ rooted in faith, hope and love. Only faith in God and His truth will carry us through doubts and questions. Only hope in His everlasting promises of life and deliverance will assure us in the midst of trials and pain. Only love of the Father shared with our brothers and sisters can make every day brighter and show the world a better life.

Take heed therefore brothers and sisters. You have been granted a great gift. If you hear and understand the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ, if you trust in Him, if you look hopefully toward an eternal future with Him, you are the light of the World with Christ. Your light can help someone know more about God. Your light can encourage and build people up. Your light can uncover error and help someone out of the darkness.

Carry the Light of God with honor. He is with you.

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