Worry – Matthew 6:34

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. – Matthew 6:34

Do you worry? Maybe a better question is… Are you worrying right now? No, I cannot read your thoughts. I just know how easy it is to be troubled by the cares of life. Any responsible adult has concerns. Whether it is work, family, or something else, most of us have valid concerns. It is when those concerns grow beyond our faith that they become worry. And worry is a problem.

Why is worry a problem? Well for one thing it is usually, if not always, worthless. It is useless to allow ourselves to be consumed by things beyond our control. It drains our energy, our time, and our resources. Worry keeps us from sleep and causes stress related illnesses.

Jesus tells us to take no thought for tomorrow because the evil (trouble) of today is enough. This admonition comes at the end of a long list if worldly things that the Lord tells us no to preoccupy our thoughts. It is not that we should not ever make a decision about these things. Rather, these decisions and the thoughts associated with them should not be the focus of our life. In fact, worry and faith cannot coexist in harmony.

If you are worried, then please lay down those worries before the throne of God in prayer. Now leave them there. If you cannot do anything about them, then leave it to the One who holds tomorrow.

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