Coronavirus Update

Brothers & Sisters,

With all the news about the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, the Northside church leaders want to let you know that we have been monitoring local events and closures. At the same time, we wish to faithfully follow the Lord’s will for us to minister to one another in worship and service to one another. With these thoughts in mind, we have outlined the following plans for Northside church.

All services for Sunday, March 15th will proceed as scheduled. Please follow these guidelines.:

  • We strongly encourage those over the age of sixty (60) to consider staying home. In addition, if your immune system is compromised (heart disease, cancer, lung disease, diabetes, etc.) or someone’s health in your family is fragile, we ask you to consider staying home. We will provide copies of the sermon upon request.
  • If you or anyone in your household has been (to your knowledge) exposed to COVID-19 please self-quarantine for 14 days (CDC recommendation).
  • Please maintain a healthy distance to avoid the spread of disease as you would for flu or other contagions.

Midweek services and future Sunday services and fellowship events will be discussed as a congregation on Sunday.

Above all, remember that God is sovereign, and He is working out all things to the good of those who love him. He is our sustainer, and we are sheltered under His mighty hand. We have been given a Spirit of Power and not of fear.

May the Lord comfort you and strengthen you to be the wisdom needed in this time of trial.

Elder Jason Solomon

March 13, 2020

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